This is a video blog from one of the nights at and do believe it should give you an idea. I’m really enjoying this whole video game and hope you are as well. This was my first time ever attending  anything like this but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. From the runway shows to the refreshment areas I had a solid time and that includes all the colorful characters that I had the pleasure of meeting along the way. I’m leaving this lovely place called tomorrow and I’m definitely going to miss it.


I wrote not long ago a post titled “The Fashion Festival at The Stones Hotel in Bali, Indonesia” which basically summed up the experience but you know what? I think this video blog gives you a much better idea of what it was actually like. I love writing and that will never change but how can 400 words and a few photos ever compare with close to five minute of video from such said affair? Besides the well setup shows and the pleasant people that I met, I also loved the fact that they had a sashimi bar; it was an added touch I thoroughly enjoyed each evening.

Will I ever attend another fashion festival, who knows?! Will I ever return to Bali? Most definitely.

Big thanks to The Fashion Festival and The Stones Hotel for their hospitality; it has been a most memorable time.

P.S: If you want to watch more of my videos like click the link.

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