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When it rains on a tropical island, it really rains to the point of quasi scary torrential down-pour. It’s sunny once more but for the last day or so its been raining aggressively and you start to realize how an area can be so lush yet so dry, most of the time. It’s like a binge water drinker who knows no moderation, it’s quite exhilarating and always wonder how those people in the $15 a night beach bungalows are doing!? I predict such price will be a distant memory in the next year or so along with rumored leaks.

The photo above is of an ingenious gent using a patio table umbrella to shield himself from the rain. This was taken during a calm time where people have to just “go for it” or wait it out. Went for a long walk in board shorts and flip flops and it was cool but pleasant. Had to investigate something of a most significant nature and it was as though this once sunny paradise was a scene from the movie “The Stand” without a soul in sight.

It’s important to be somewhere you love when the weather sucks. You need to get a full run down of the place before having any real idea of what life is really like there. Considering it’s hot and sunny everyday, the rain is a welcome change and cools / cleans everything. Do feel for those on a short vacation as the this type of weather is not so welcoming.

Some egregious news arrived in my inbox, more on that later.

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