Another day in Nungwi beach and all is not well in paradise. The lady who makes that food I deacribed… She never changes the menu, ever. When I say ever, mean not once since opening.

Really realizing most places are the same and many people are always wishing for change. One of the guys around here goes to Stone Town to get away from the beach and lots say they’d like to move overseas aka even “paradise” gets played out.

A group of Czech people are playing cards at a table while a crew of Germans at another. Both talking, drinking and laughing. Besides language , no differences. A local guy is passed out on a couch to my right and someone from who knows where on another to my left. Everyone is the same but different.

Travel opens your eyes to many wonderful scenes of nature and whatever else makes you want to get clicking with that camera.
What often gets missed is the people from a location and what their core values are, beliefs, customs and how that effects how they perceive the world. Once you understand that perception can be totally different than reality but still someones reality the more the world makes sense.

Also makes you question YOUR perceived reality.

Like most things, life and travel are in the details.

Tips hat,

P.S: Curious what opening paragraph has to do with this?! The lady who offers beef, beans and octopus perceives that she offers selection. The reality is that anyone who lives / HAS eaten there discusses how she never offers any selection. Also one probably assumed the opening paragraph was inane complaining when…

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