The Show Must Go On

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My time in Kuta, Bali has been brilliant and most amusing. However, I had a goal which was to see the world. By staying here a very long time I will not achieve that goal at the speed in which I planned. I’ve only see a handful of countries, at this rate this trip will take until I’m 40.

I say “I’ll come back” but everywhere I go is often more beautiful and truth be told, who knows what the future holds? I’m so far from home on this tiny island in Indonesia. Will I come back here? Statistically speaking no. I said I’d return to all the Thai islands but now, who knows as I’ve already found places since that I prefer. How can you know where you want to be until you’ve been everywhere?

As a result,  I must venture to other new areas and see what is happening there as my goal is to see how people around the world live.

A friend from Finland is “in for the plan”, in fact he is the one promoting it, mainly because his  trip ends mid January and he has to go home.  Met him in Thailand and if I am “going to go explore the rest of Indonesia” now is the time. There will be plenty of lulls where I am not with old friends from past travels when I can just relax and do very little.

I’m looking at flights to East Timor but no luck. Go to East Timor and take ferries back to Bali then hit up Java before flying to Sarawak is the temporary plan. I can’t seem to find a flight to East Timor though.

That said, knowing me, I’m prone to change plans, only yesterday in the video blog I said I’d stay here until at least Christmas. Not uploading it, way toooo long. Just surfing is fine but uploading large videos is way too slow. I will upload the entire video next time I’m in a major city, instead of some tiny island.

The more you travel, the more you meet people, the more you are exposed to different lifestyles and ultimately, the more you grow.

I think I’m ready for another growth spurt, perhaps a change of scenery.

Will it happen? Who knows?

On a totally unrelated note, many of the people living at my hotel left last night and this morning. If they are reading this “safe travels”. They were great fun and the only other gentlemen left said it kinda sucked they all left, I agreed. What’s even crazier is today, those guys I met in Kuala  Lumpur then again in Singapore were driving down Poppies Lane 1 and tapped me on the back “What’s up Rob”. It is a small world and the more people you meet, the smaller it becomes.

Good day to you,

P.S: Today has been the same as all the past few days, just hanging out and relaxing on for pennies on the dollar.

P.P.S: If I don’t go though, can’t think of a better place to just “exist” then where I am.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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