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The summer is still in mid swing and people from around the world are boarding flights to Europe for a sizzling summer experience, indeed. Where to go? What to do? Portugal is somewhere I’ve been discussing lately as our resident writer Larissa may be visiting and it’s just one of the countries in Europe that I had the best time in. It’s beautiful, offers varied experiences and it’s affordable; what is not to like?

I spent a few weeks there and most of my time was in Porto, Lisbon and Lagos. As far as I’m concerned, the Algarve which is where Lagos was is the gem of the entire country. It’s a special place filled with beautiful beaches, historical homes and lots of golf courses, what’s not to like?  Instead of giving you a rundown on the country, I’ll tell you how I passed my time and you decide.

While I was in Porto, I drank port and went on long strolls photographing the city, it’s a picturesque place and I had a pleasant time hanging out, that said I only stayed a few days as I didn’t feel there was much for me or that I really needed to do. If you’re coming from Madrid, you’ll probably end up there as your first point of in Portugal; it’s cool for a few days but wouldn’t base my entire vacation there.

Next, it was time to go to Lisbon aka Lisboa. It’s a vibrant city with lots of history, lots to see and lots going on. I will warn you though that it’s a pickpocket heaven and I was almost pick pocketed while I was there. Granted I was in a somewhat odd part of town and it was in the evening but it happens all over. You should be especially careful on the street cars and try and carry a map as the streets are not on a grid and you can end up taking one street and being stuck on it for a long time.

That said, if you just wish to immerse yourself in the city, you’ll see your days pass at a pleasurable pace and you’ll have stories to tell, rest assured. I only spent a few days in Lisbon because it was summer and in the summer there are better things to do than hang out in some city, yes?

I hit up Lagos in the Algarve and never looked back. I ended up staying near 3 weeks when the plan was a few days. I probably would have stayed longer if I wasn’t invited go to a wedding in Poland. The Algarve is the southern tip of Portugal and it’s one of my favorite places on the planet. It is affordable, friendly people, filled with history and a lot of FUN. It seems everyone is laid back and Lagos attracted a lively group of international travelers.

If you’re off to do some exploring in Portugal, you can get there yourself if you have the time and know how, if not you can book your trip with respected sites… Of all the places I’ve been in Europe, it’s mainly Portugal and random countries along the Black Sea that speak to me most and where I’d like to spend more time if I’m fortunate enough to do so. If I was to return to Portugal, I’d head straight to the Algarve and go from there…

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