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I’m sitting here in my apartment looking over footage from last night and just can’t help smiling while thinking about Tirana nightlife. I arrived in Tirana last night and it just happened to be a Saturday so the only reasonable thing to do would be go out, yes? Myself and a friend cruised the streets in the Blloko district which is basically where all the bars are and at first were told most places are full which sorta got us thinking that perhaps we weren’t welcome?

I’ve heard the “we’re full” line before and when a few bars said this I started thinking perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. That’s when the final place we decided to wait for ~2 minutes and when we got in… Yeah, the place really was full. This was quite a change as I’m not used to clubs being full at ~10:30pm on a Saturday night. I spent a month or so in Spain this summer and at 10:30pm, people were just starting to think about eating dinner. That said, I’m a big fan of getting things going early, why not?

We searched for nightlife in Tirana and that’s exactly what we found.

We hit up a club called Libraria which was playing all sorts of throwback music including lots of rap from the last two decades which was quite cool. We had plans on seeing some other spots but we just ended up staying there for most of the night which turned out to be an alright call. A large pint of beer was $4 and a bottle was $2; not bad. When we finally left we hit up this Irish Bar and ran into some locals that were going to an after hours club of sorts.

The club was called and it was the perfect setting for the end of an evening. It was this big dance floor surrounded by what looked like stadium seating to one side with a big bar in the middle of it all. At the end of the dance floor raised up wasn’t so much a DJ booth as a DJ stage which was filled with people and at times, dancers. The kind of places where people sat at tables enjoying bottle service while the more daring and lively hit up the floor.

The place was heavenly and at ~2:15am I couldn’t think of a better place to have found myself. I was already really liking Albania but this was another big ; great nightlife. Something else worth noting is that I didn’t see any form of hostility at all throughout the entire evening. Most people we met were incredibly friendly and I even saw some drinks spilled at different times with people shrugging it off with a smile.

If you’re in and on a Saturday night you should hit up the block…

Tips hat,

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