Train from Amsterdam to Paris and Otherwise Lame & Cold Rainy Day

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It’s a rainy day in Amsterdam and not all is well, people who wish not to leave are being pulled from the comfort of their bar stools and shoved into trains headed to Paris.

The above photo was the #1 search result for “Paris” on google. Posted this because it’s funny how many of you jokers and clowns do all your “research” from the top few search results aka wikipedia black hole etc… This should need no further explanation.

It is raining and everyone unfortunate enough to be outside is being attacked by an army of angry rain drops being pushed all directions by an equally upset wind.  Only people out and about are those who are only here for the day and need to take it all in or those in transit or those trying to sell you some BS.

Turns out the American girls in my room were good fun, had “breakfast” if you want to call it that with them and headed to the train station. It leaves every hour or so, just kicking back, any reason really. This internet credit had 1.5 hours left, may as well enjoy it in Amsterdam.

Never buy a pre rolled, they are filth. I have tried them several times through other peoples purchase. I just bought one as I thought I was going to buy a coffee and leave after deciding to delay an hour or so, put it out half way, DISGUSTING! Don’t do it and remember that truffles are for posers.

Now to the important matter of Eurail, still undecided. I have calculated that if it costs ~1500E and a trip from here to Paris is ~135E + to St. Malo to meet my cousin, we’re quickly getting up to a % of overall pass that simplly cannot be ignored. Either way, the plan is to get there, stay in one of the best hostels in Paris and see the city lights.

The scenario is one can take a pass and abuse it to the fullest by being on a train everywhere, all the time. Not that they’d mind as that is what you paid for. Just try and see everywhere it serves AND MORE or something ridiculous like that. That or go ticket for ticket and just live places. One could end up in the South of France and be like this is awesome, must rent apartment, immediately.

Getting a pass is like a relationship with commitments. This one is like a marriage because if you just stop half way, you lose half your coin, yeah? If the goal is to see a lot of somewhere, may as well just go for it, it would force one to move, yes?

I’ve got about 2 hours in Amsterdam left, a few things I will note are that if you come with a crew DO go to the Heineken brewery, I passed it once in a quest for shoes, never went in. Those American girls are going today, had I another day to burn, I’d be there, obviously. DO NOT join one of those lame crawls. Let me tell you something…

If you want to meet boring Lonely Planet worshipping tarts and terds, go for it, if not, forget it. If one place looks particularly good by which I mean some ladies you’d like to talk with or gents for you ladies. Just go in. Make sure you don’t ask someone if it’s a pub crawl and it turns out it’s the Mother Hen and she immediately begin like attacking your integrity as someone who is trying to get in free which may or may not be true.

Being in some of the coffee shops on the side streets of the Red Light District is like being in Venice Beach but in Amsterdam with a Beer. Did I say coffee shop, no… You can smoke in pubs so many people just go to coffee shop for say a coffee in the morning, load up and head over to a bar later, a patio, wherever. That or brown bag it, I should have done more of it, you brown bag it until you find a place worth spending the premium, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, it’s like Venice Beach as in an incredible place to people watch. Just like unique people from all over the world being themselves because that is the reason they came there or something like that.

Amsterdam is awesome, best location on this trip, you should book your next vacation here for a week or so or more. Maybe here then fly to Ibizia or here Ibizia or whatever.  Just do it in the summer and only if you have thought highly of the place / somewhere you’d like to see. If it’s just “some place to you” then not sure what to tell you but please, stop reading this blog.

I still need to google something regarding Paris and a place to stay, I should have found out what time the latest was, that said, no overnight trains. It’s not long I don’t think. Not sure if I feel like wandering around Paris right now or ever leaving here, for that matter.

From St. Malo, I have no idea where I am going, luckily my cousin who is driving does. Supposedly lots of beaches in the area, wine and cheese. Also isn’t France known for something? I can’t seem to remember, I’m sure it will come to me, thoughts?

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