Trains from Krakow to Katowice to Ostrava then Prague

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Took a train today from Krakow Poland to Prague, Czech Republic. Ever wake up in a city and say “I’m totally done here, I’ve done everything I wanted AND MORE!??” Probably not, actually most of you yes. We have a very different readership here, I like it. People who read this blog either do trips like this, have done trips like this, will do trips like this or would love to do trips like this.

So if you’re on a Eurail pass like yours truly, Poland is NOT included. Take a local train from Krakow to Katowice then Ostrava as it is the nearest Hub on the Czech Republic side. It cost me 20E then it was free riding until Prague. I was going to take an overnight train to Vienna, Austria but they only had sleepers and I can get on 1st class for free during the day, no brainer.

We here at iyashinoshigoto DO NOT pay for sleepers, can you say gross, bed bugs and just rank? I’d rather sleep in a comfy 1st class chair or a floor for that matter, at least you know it gets ajaxed regularly. I met a cool crew of British women in Katowice, Katowice has my least favorite train station EVER. Up there with Madrid and Jakarta, maddening.

The place looks scary, the staff is not so friendly and the “signs” are non existent. I have a sweet photo of the info desk with no one there, the lady came back and was well, let us just say she does not belong on the front line, she looked seriously depressed, hope she cheers up soon.

In Ostrava I met a crew of Mexican dudes and when they found out I was going where they were asked if they could follow me to the train, obviously I gave them the tip of the hat and said, “let’s go” or something of that nature.

Got in at 10PM. Hey, you, train station people, ever thought of opening a line exclusively for departures within the next say few hours? I hate waiting in line when I have a crew outside that could bring me to a hostel and there are all these people in front of me inquiring about tickets next week, really? Seriously?

I finally get out but hey, those Mexicans knew these Swedish dudes, lets get to that. I go outside and everyone left, it took me forever, then the Swedish guys came out. I’ll say people from that chunk of the world are pretty cool. They were going to a hostel, I went with them. I get there after a long search…

So, what is worse, NOT booking and having NO guarantee but just showing up anywhere or searching everywhere like some crazed whatever looking for a hostel that may or may not be in a sick location. Yeah and on that topic, the room I was sleeping in is NOT a bed and is NOT for rent. The owner crashes there when he has a night out on the town, tip of the hat as it’s the best room I’ve ever had.

So we get to this hostel and it’s booked, I think maybe I’ll go to the train, take a “short cut”. Hey if you are in a new city always back track, don’t assume there is a grid, definitely not over here. Meet these 2 people from the USA and walk with them as it was sketchy and when you have all your stuff you are very vulnerable, no matter who you are…

After some time I find a hostel, I get there totally destroyed and tired and open the door for a little “roulette”. On that note, getting sick of hostels, big time. I want to rent an apartment soon, we shall see but then again I’m never home so it only makes sense.

Get to this hostel and it’s really nice rooms. I mean I really like my room and the showers are amazing, I needed one. It’s just myself, this American and this guy from Taiwan. Everyone thinks I’m American so I am just going to say “yes” because I have no problems with the USA. As a Canadian it’s pretty cool having the biggest plot of land in the world and being mad chill and next to the 600lbs gorilla as your tighest crew member, ever thought of that?

So it’s past midnight, I have lots of photos but adding them feels like work and I’m not in the mood to do some monkey work right now. So far Prague is alright, I’m on a mission though so won’t be here long. I will say that the “nightlife” has gotten ghastly boring. If you’re with a beautiful woman, having some drinks is well, sociable and often exhilarating. Also remember that it is healthy to at least “see what’s happening” on a Saturday night.

If you’re on the travel scene, it’s a party every night and hear you me, most of the time it just kinda sucks. As a result I will be deploying my time, energy and moula into food and checking out castles and lakes and what not. I saw a photo on the web and I fell in that 4 letter word instantly. It just gave me a “happy sensation”, you know that feeling you get sometime.

On this entire trip there has never been anywhere I “need to go see” but this place I absolutely have too, I’m even looking up tours and stuff and when I get there I want to shut my brain off and just absorb it, if it is as cool as I think, I may end up wanting to spend my summers there ok ok I’m getting out of control.


P.S: Mental Note: Remember KFC boxes everywhere and “2 for 1”. Also, the dude passed out in the doorway of the last update is NOT me. You think I’d post something like that if it were me? Also how did I take it and when did I start wearing sandals!?

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