Greetings and a flick of the cap to ya,

After a cool 4 hour power nap woke up and hustled to the train station. Booked a ticket from Lagos to Tunnes. From Tunnes to Lisbon and then an overnight from Lisbon to Madrid. It cost my buddy who is also going but to a different location but to Madrid as well 79E for coach so the pass is slowly getting paid off, indeed. What sucks is that we got there at like 9:30am after the most rushed packing possibly in iyashinoshigoto history to find out it didn’t leave until 12:51, can’t always win on those dice rolls.

I’m at the Oriente train station in Lisbon, Portugal. Last night was egregious, I drank nothing but tea and lemon as I’m sicker than Mr. Burns but some how when 2 extremely cool not to mention attractive Dutch girls come into town and y0ur gents say “one last time”, well you go out.

We had a bottle of vodka so we walked the streets as quasi goodwill bartenders giving any party goer that wanted a free shot one aka just a simple pour. By the time we hit the club, we had quite the crew indeed. Especially when your crew already consisted of gregarious gents.

Lagos is great, I’m glad to go as I’m sick like sweating out sickness as I write this. Tomorrow I’ll book a ticket up to Paris, then try and take an overnight somewhere. I’m making my way to a destination unknown in Eastern Europe.  Gotta be there by the 10th and in TIP TOP FORM.

For some reason there are never any first class tickets on overnights so I’m in coach. That said, I’d of taken it anyways, if a mate of yours is with you and he’s in coach on an overnight, well you chill. If it was just some fellow I’d let him rot, alone while I rot, alone.

That said, if you’re traveling 1st class, leave your freaking kids at home. This one guy had these 2 kids and they were just annoying myself and all the other old school gents. 30 minutes before we got to Lisbon, I just went to coach and hung with my buddy. I saw the dad come over and assumed he’d end it, his wife was there the whole time.

Don’t you get it? You go to 1st class to kick back. Quit being so selfish and if you’re traveling with untamed rug rats, keep em in a straight jacket or go to coach. Deplorable and disgusting. If I wanted to deal with some out of control kids, I’d work in a day care.

I digress.

I’m living the train de loca and that is about it, my next train is at 10:39pm. I get into Madrid at 8:30am, yeah boi!

tip of the hat,

P.S: Mr. Mashups, it’s too bad you had to eat that alone. Let’s hope the hostel roulette wheel treats you well. That said I talked to you know who about you know what and she was interested… Stay tuned…

P.P.S: I think the secret to staying young and fun is hanging out with younger women, seriously. Also these girls told me that in Germany, if you make it to 30 without getting married there is a big like “you made it party”. I think I’ll like Germany, yes yes yes.

P.P.P.S: This song sums up backpacking, leave your home to a destination still unknown… You’ll never know unless you go.

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