Trains From Prague – Vienna – Budapest

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prague train station


Decided to kick it another day in Prague, when a friend of yours from the other side of the world, that you met on the other side of Europe is in town and has his trip ending, you chill out. Today, I took a train from Prague, Czech Republic to Vienna, Austria. I then got on the wrong train which was going to Munich, Germany and ended up at the right station to get a train to Budapest, Hungary, huh!?

If you’re on Eurail, you can go from Prague -> Vienna and Vienna -> Budapest FREE with no reservation. The 1st class cabs are ok but nothing special. These trains now have “premium” which are basically for really fat people. It’s just a big big seat. Ok, I’d love to sit in it but for 25E surcharge, I wonder if I just started sitting in it, hmmm… Also Once you get to Ostrava in Czech Republic from Poland, it is also free. SO if you want to check out Krakow, it will only cost you 20E each way… Pretty sweet, I know nothing except I’ll be in Krakow, at some point, again. Spain, France, Germany and supposedly Italy are the ones that really “screw ya” on the reservation fees.

Anyways, life is good but not soo good, I’m official “SICK”. Considering I had a death cough in Lagos and it’s never gone away, now is the time to destroy that “coughing demon” who lives deep in my oil tar sands of lungs. This just may be a great time to quit smoking, bright side, bright side. You know you’re sick when you’re sitting at a train station with a parka on, shivering and it hurts to swallow when everyone else is going about their business in shorts like it was the middle of #@$# summer, oh wait, it is.

Yesterday was cool, basically just “sifted” through the streets consuming egregious quantities of pizza, for real. We split a large at this one joint, then later bought 2 “Iceland” pizza’s. Iceland is supposedly a backpacker holy grail, you can go in and get anything for only 1E, a pizza for the kids? 1E, having guests and want to impress them? Grab the casserole for 1E, etc… I’d appreciate a place like that. Also cool when some European people ask you for directions in Prague, eh do I look like I live here, don’t answer that, sweet.

Met a girl traveling with her little brother on one of the trains, she has a blog as well and after eating Bohemian Goulash for breakfast on the train, then passing out for a 2 hours, she was kind enough to give me the rest of her dinner that her and her brother didn’t eat, tip of the hat. Oh yeah, if you’re on trains and you like tea (who doesn’t), bring your own bags. They want like 3E for a green tea but will give you hot water for free(they always hook me up at least), hmm yeah. People who offer their extra food are champs, even when they know you already polished off a meal 2 hours previous. Back to tea, I bought the Goulash and 2 Pepsi’s for ~7E. Later, 1 pepsi and 1 green tea cost me 4.25E… Sucks being back on the Euro, I am slightly gutted about leaving Poland / Czech Republic, I just love it there.

Topic of saving money, feel kinda lame for my insane lack of planning. Met this guy who has been couch surfing the whole time, another guy who does as well. I told him I had been paying, he said that is weak. He is kinda right, yes, no? Thing is, couch surfing requires knowing where you want to go. I woke up today thinking I was taking a train to Austria. When I got to Austria I knew I wasn’t spending any time here so looked for an exit. It’s cool but feels like a Western City, snore. After Krakow and Prague, I have standards, standards in way of architecture, people, food, prices, company…

Regarding hostels etc… If I pay average on a global scale of $450US-$500 a month that is ~$4500-$5000 over 10 months… How much would you spend in rent back home, for some lousy basement room? Thought so. Flip side is what could $4500-$5000US get ya? Definitely get you an iPhone and some other good gadgets OR that much more in the tank for further adventures… Or you could buy a web business that will potentially pay you forever. Just if you are paying for a hostel, pay the extra few $$$ and get right in the core, where rent would be most expensive and you want to spend your limited time…

I’ll update the rest of this from my hostel, if I find one, somewhere in Budapest

Turns out Hungary is on it’s own dollar, the subway system is easy to use. The hostel I’m in is actually pretty chill and it costs 19E a night for a 4 person dorm. Still too much, ran into more couch surfers, I am dedicated to sleep on someone’s couch, anywhere. Ran into a girl on the subway doing couch surfing and these Polish people doing it. Seems like I’m the only person not doing it? Huh?

Budapest is rather beautiful thus far. Just took some photos of station, that church and whatnot, most day photos are of Vienna, fyi.

I have photos, I can’t be bothered to add them, I’ll do it another day in some “Train Trip” photo set or something when I get an apartment, really soon, hopefully. Getting a little tired of the old “roulette wheel” here. I just hit a crappy spin, it’s all dudes except this one English girl with metal in her face.

This one dude kinda creeped me out in Krakow and guess who is here, yes “Creepy Chad” as we’ll call him. I really hope he is not in my room. Everyone just bounced so here I am updating this blog while some weirdo is playing guitar, I hope he doesn’t start singing Kum By A or something homofied like such. I’m getting to the end of my “hostel tolerance”.

In Asia, I had my own hotel / guest house rooms, what a different trip that was. That or I’m just extremely sick and would rather be anywhere but here now with “Creepy Chad”. I also think I hear Christian Rock in the background, what the h3ll is going on here!?

Flick of the Cap,


Search Du Jour: “Private Walking Tour Prague” – Result, here.

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    wish you a nice trip and hope you get well soon.

    I’ll read your blog =)

    Best wishes,
    Diana *the-girl-you-met-at-Vienna-railway-station-while-waiting-for-Budapest-Train*

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