Trampoline Bungee Backflipping in Bali

Bungee Trampoline Backflip in Bali

Greetings internet friends,

I don’t mean to brag or boast, as I sit here drinking a finely blended roast while eating this delicious French toast but… Life is #$%$# brilliant here,  I just paid an 11 day stay at a decent guest house with very cool people running it for a whopping total of $48US. I’m free as a feathered bird and my biggest problem in life is not getting too much sun.

Yesterday when I bought that cell phone I later returned, I was given a free voucher for the trampoline bungee, very fun and highly recommended. Doing backflips is quite easy and if you wish to please the crowd and add some “showmanship” into your session, throw in some running man backflips or even the odd “old school spread eagle” at the climax of your jump. Guy with flip cam is holding mine, love how he stopped recording right as it started but cheered like I was his kid, ha.

Should I live on an Estate with a massive litter of children, I will buy one saying it is “for the kids” with my best interests in mind. Kinda like when Homer bought Marge a bowling ball with his name on it for her birthday. Okay, I won’t buy one but they are good fun and I recommend it.

Last night after chatting with some family I returned to the “Gora Steps” where the party is always good and there is no entrance fee. Just people from around the world drinking what they please and laughing while enjoying life. I drank too much last night, I drank so much water it was ridiculous, 3 1.5L bottles to be exact. I’ve found that going out and drinking water compared to drinking liquor isn’t that much different, seriously.

If you have personality disorder, are insecure or suffer from social anxiety… Liquor may be good to get you out of the box temporarily before you wake up with anxiety. If, like myself, you’re already so far out of the [email protected] box to begin with that you couldn’t find your way back into it if you paid a guide.  Then beer, spirits and scotch aren’t really that necessary. Instead of buying some beer I just eat skewers from the sea and still stayed out as late as I would of. Really, unless you go everywhere you’ll never know where you want to live, unless you try everything you’ll never know what works best for you. Makes sense? Of course it does.

It’s winter back home and you’re cranking your heat much to my benefit. You see, natural gas has been “homo hammered” by Perez Hilton himself along with the company of the CEO of A&F and the artist who was once formally known as “Prince”.  When it gets cold and people who like penguins did not “get up and fly south” crank their heat, natural gas equities rise much to their chagrin but to the benefit of investors with a penchant for profitability.

Think about this for a few minutes. EVERYTHING you see or do and everything everyone sees or does involves profit for someone. From the floor tiles in your bathroom to the mattress in your bedroom. From the shoes on your feet or a porterhouse steak burly men like to eat. People are profiting, with great vigor and zeal might I add. Unless you run your own business, why not throw some of your flow into companies that will use the additional cash flow to grow? Seems elementary, dear Watson.

If you have no money to invest it is most likely because you spend your life like a monkey in-front of a type writer, pushing keys at random hoping to develop something of any value or worth. To make matters worse many people treat money similar to a mule and a spinning wheel, [email protected] if they know how they got it or what best to do with it. A tragic affair for sure.

On a side note, tattoo’s are so common here that I feel having NO tattoo’s makes me covered in tattoo’s as being different. Does that make sense to you? If you want a tattoo why not just grow a moustache (sic) or a beard. When you get sick of it and you eventually will you can just shave it and it’s “gone”. There is so much ink here that if you drained it from everyone, you could re-write every word Shakespeare ever put on paper, seriously.

They took away the tables in this cafe, much to my chagrin. Now I feel like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame as I hunch over my screen like some monkey on a type writer.

I digress.

What to write, except my visa expires on the 6th of January and from there, I will venture somewhere in Asia while looking for a cheap ticket to Tanzania to visit one of my great friends from University, do some safari and fish for monsters from the deep that could feed a whole village for a month. Nile Perch get massive to the point they could swallow an infant whole. I hope to catch several, eat steaks the size of sedans and give the rest to villagers or anyone who wants it while shredding the skulls of alligators in my friends new 350hp boat on Lake Victoria.

Some more food just arrived and I plan on eating it while reading the latest musings on my favorite blog, “I Bank Coin”.

Good day,

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