Travel Arthritis & Kanchanaburi, Thailand


First let me say I wish I filmed this video NOW instead of when I woke up from a most special mid day slumber, it’s like I’m starting “phase 2” of my Asian excursion, tomorrow, starting with Kanchanaburi, Thailand. No more suffering from travel arthritis, the show must go on.

This morning at ~9:30am local time a friend who I met in Bangkok called me. He was one of the first people I met and is now back home, in the cold. He called to say what’s up and send me other messages.

He told me how being home sucks and how living in Canada in the freezing cold is just a painful existence. As a result, was calling to give me ideas on what to do, what to see, and just say what’s happening. It was good hearing from him, shot the shiz for ~45 min.

He was the first guy I met who helped guide the future of this trip by calling me from Koh Tao saying “there is more to Thailand than Bangkok, go buy a ticket here and call me when you get to Koh Tao”, that call ended up taking me on a 3 month tour through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The main message was “GET OUT OF BANGKOK” and most importantly, DON’T JUST take a night train or something lame like that to Chang Mai, “see the rest of Thailand” he said. He told me to go to Kanchanaburi which is only ~2 hours north of Bangkok. It has the bridge over the River Kwai, some epic waterfalls and other attractions. Supposedly it has a Tiger temple but screw that, I’m not paying to pet a drugged Tiger that the owners pull the tail of so I can get a photo with it’s mouth open, not my style.

A grin the size of the grand canyon appeared on my face when I saw it has  ~5 golf courses around it that are all priced at more than affordable rates. I will definitely play some golf. It will be amazing to have my very own caddy for a mere ~$6US extra. Your caddy is like a loyal side kick  who also finds your ball and tells you to put the driver away when you start acting the fool.

Getting a shot and leaving tomorrow. Eat a dinner loaded with ginger, nothing fights a sore throat like ginger, NOTHING, ok maybe oregano oil but it’s close. Meet these nice ladies who want to go out for cocktails, I show them my favorite spots then respectfully tell them I’m going to take it easy. It’s rare I do that, I was proud of myself and then…

As I’m walking to my guest house, I run into some good friends I met in Koh Tao and traveled with to Koh Phi Phi. They are flying out in ~2 hours and just hanging out. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Seriously? It was awesome to see them again and it was like “old times” even though it was only ~2.5 months ago.

Anyways, today has been great and I’m looking forward to getting this trip back underway. Remember, travel arthritis is finding it hard to get moving again when staying in the same place for a while. It can happen at ANYTIME on any length trip, don’t fall victim to it or you may end up getting  bitten by a dog or something.

Tips hat,

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