VIDEO: Exploring Zagreb, Croatia


This video was made the same day I wrote “An Evening in Zagreb, Croatia.” Moving forward, I want to show you more video on this blog as it will give you a better idea of what it’s actually like somewhere which has always been my intention. We strolled the streets looking at sights before learning about the neck tie, eating some delicious food and visiting the Museum of Broken Relationships.


The last two days have been incredibly busy which is just the way I like it, I’ll try and publish more of that content soon. I’d go on but the beauty of a video is that it basically speaks for itself; this sums up my first evening in . That said, also attended a World Cup game in the center square of the city so stay tuned for more on that… To say it was an electric scene would be an understatement!


I’m just outside of Zadar now and loving it; Croatia is quickly becoming a favorite. If you’ve been to hundreds of cities you typically know what you like, yes?  The moment I arrived in Zadar I began asking about apartments etc… Croatia has a lot going for it from the point of view of a European base for this gent but more on that later. For now,  I hope you enjoy the video…


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  1. I like your video post makes it more vivid and puts it into reality as we are there. Definitely great way to get us involved Croatia one of the places added to my places to visit. Thanks for sharing look forward to updates.


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