This is the view of the “beach side” of Little Corn Island. The photo was taken from the patio of Casa Iguana. I’ve never stayed there but it does look quite nice. Supposedly one of the first developments on the island and as a result, have this view. Behind the Casa are a few of the coolest / remote beaches on the island in my opinion.

Either way, this view is great and looks infinitely better in person.

Not much to report from this island paradise except a gent who does fly fishing and is about my age showed up, may have to give it a go. Picked up 5 pounds of lobster this morning, may try and put together a Run Down with some gents I met on the beach. The “Run Down” is the islands traditional dish which is sorta of like a big soup / stew with lobster, shrimp, fish and whatever else.

Many people pay about C$200 to have it done at a restaurant. Considering these gents are cool, have been here for over 20 years and live on the ocean, seems like a no brainer. May get a new other tourists to join me and we’ll all pitch in and split the costs. The more I write this, the more I realize this is a brilliant idea.

Have a great weekend,

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