View of Little Corn Island From Space

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Good day,

Let us discuss the important matter of satellites aka techno gadgets shot by scientists with large sling shots into a place we know very little about called space. These stellar space cameras can take pretty crazy photos and as always, I’m thankful for what technology can do for us. How could I describe the island better than shown above? That’s Little Corn Island, Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea and most certainly one of my “favorite places on the planet”.

You can see a cluster of activity on the west side, that’s downtown aka where all the action happens. You should see the place on a busy Saturday afternoon when all the supply ships come in, it’s popping.¬† To the east side it’s random beach bungalows and whatnot most commonly referred to as the beach side. In the south eastern tip, there is Casa Iguana which gives you a great view of the entire east coast. To the north is mainly forest, the beloved baseball diamond aka the Little Corn Island Golf Beach & Country Club.

If you’re going to the north side which arguably has the best beaches and snorkeling, you’ll cross the baseball diamond and notice there isn’t a lot going on up there. From the baseball diamond to Casa Iguana there is a concrete path that’s smaller than most bike paths in major cities and that’s the “main road” aka the “the strip”. There are no cars or motorized vehicles on the island, I almost got ran over by some dude on a bike once though; true story.

So this place is like 1 square mile or so but it feels considerably larger and it houses about 1000 people and believe it has room for 250+ tourists. On the north side they are building a resort which is going to change this island. They look stunning and are located right in front of some of the best reef snorkeling accessible from land. Also believe if you had a boat, some of the best fishing as everyone seems to see barracuda when they go snorkeling.

The lack of power is slowing the progress of whatever I’d be doing online if I had power. Also it’s entering rainy season and the number of tourists seems to have walked off a cliff, it took the stairs up all winter and just took the elevator down, broken cord styles. It’s time for reverse migration my friends, that means if you’re down south it’s time to go north aka be in some of the most beautiful countries in the world for that small window when they’re dressed to impress.

This is the “little island” and I love it.

Tips hat,

P.S: Thanks to John who runs Tranquilo Cafe for sharing this photo on Facebook.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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