Greetings from Lushoto!

Woke up and decided to stay a day, figured might as well immerse myself, so to speak. Saw this dude working in the yard at guest house, said how much to view point? He said 15,000tsh, said let’s go.

What a cool hike, 1.5-2 hrs up and roughly same back, a different way cutting through small villages. The view was great and got lucky as clear and no rain, sunshine intact. The guy spoke English well and we got along, could tell, hence I asked him. I prefer a randomlocal guide, similar to my Sapa, Vietnam experience, good times.

Crazy how many people lives in these remote areas that are really, well, out there. Lots of school kids yelling mzungu, funny stuff. Saw people tending fields, braiding hair, herding cattle and this chameleon changing colors. Was like what’s up with it chilling on road!!? Saw lots of run over ones, guess never figured or out

Not sure I went to main view point as no shed or fee and just two old dudes chilling out chatting and sharpening machetes, how inviting!? They were quite friendly.

Afterward, chilled and met a German lady. Ran into her at dinner at the Sun Hotel and had a warm drink, that’s when stuff got random. Two of the Germans I met in Nungwi, Zanzibar roll in, nice surprise.

Now, going to try and sleep as it’s 10pm. Have to catch the 7:30 direct as supposedly there is a healer like dude last night was close telling me around Arusha. Thousands and thousands are making the trek as supposedly he has powers and can cure HIV. You can’t see many visible signs but it’s here, full effect.

Flip side is my guide has never had malaria and not taken antibiotics once in his life, never been sick. Probably no vaccinations either. Then again always the strong / lucky. Countless examples of not so lucky, polio still sadly present around here.

Tips hat,

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