Waking Early, Staying out Late in Picturesque Hoi An, Vietnam

house near chinese bridge hoi an

Good day,

Where to begin? Woke up before the alarm today and was like “NO WAY” am I going to Hue today. Went for breakfast with my buddy, said farewell and went on a leisurely jaunt.

Went into the “market” where I got that sick deal, told her all the alterations I needed and was PRECISE. I used to be a lobbyist, this one gent who (gawd rest his soul) is now dead told me that when doing business over here, you have to be 100% exact in what you want or don’t bother. He was a good man who lived hard and died before 70, a moment of silence please.

cool clerk in ho ain

Spent the day chilling, reading, screwing around online and napping. Passed out for exactly 2 hours and woke up just in time to get back to the shop to pick up prototype numero dos. Punctuality is important, if you’re going to show up late, don’t bother, ok!? The dude above runs the stand outside my hotel, he’s good times.

Get there, these pants which are 45% less than prototype #1 are dope as all h3ll. Ok not that dope but they’re good. There was 2 mistakes which I quickly pointed out and they started chatting fast meaning “as if he noticed”. Obviously I noticed, this is a business, madame, and I am a business man. I pick up the fixed product tomorrow, fools rush in, I have time on my side, I will bide it accordingly.

Almost bought a fishing rod today but considering all the other boyz out there use just a stick and some line, I thought that would be ostentatious so tomorrow, I am going with the local guy to pick up my wares. Furthermore they we ripping me off, look you, I may be a foreigner but I’ve been around the block and have NO PROBLEM walking away from a deal, anytime, anywhere, whatever.

some alley in hoi an, vietnam

It’s one of my good friends Bday’s today so in his honor, I went to a bar for a drink. I get there, I sit in a table of 4 solo. If you are alone, don’t sit somewhere that can’t be filled. These 2 attractive blondes come in and take ap hot of the wall behind me, (some paintings) and I’m like oh, I can move, they are like no, you can stay…. I’m like “Ok”. After that I ask them something, I have NO CLUE what I said. I do remember saying, would you like to join me.

They are Canadians and joined me with another Canadian dude. We hung out, traded war stories from the road. Frankly, I’m very lucky to have made it out of many random situations which went “No problem” which could have gone worse. The guy has been here 3 weeks and had lots of problems of the theft, scams and just general screwery variety.

I did try and tell him straight up “DUDE, stop Lacoste shirts, a pimp hat and a watch, dress like you’re some broke a$$ bum.” He believes what will happen will happen regardless of what decisions you make… I agree as well and I think he WON’T take my advice and potentially have further problems, sigh. Hey, you can bring a horse to water but…

drunk dudes on their stag

So we’re chilling and this stag comes in from France. Dude getting married is in a dress, his brother asks the 2 ladies I’m with if they can come up and kiss his bro on the cheek for a photo, they are hesitant. I say “Listen ladies, I’ll go with you, it’s his stag, you’re traveling, let’s live a little, yes?” So they go up and whatever, we come back down.

After the stag rolls downstairs and next thing you know they are buying us drinks, shots the whole lot. What started as one simple beer turned into a booze fest and I didn’t even pay for anything. On that note, thanks to the Canadian gent who picked up my beer while we were up stairs, tips hat with full removal.

Anyways, it’s 2 am. I’m passing out. I love waking up early and getting stuff done. Tomorrow, I shall pick up some fishing gear and join the crew. Also, glad I met these guys, the lady making my sugarcane has like no fingernails and I don’t like her touching my ice. Yeah yeah, I’m a germaphobe but whatever.

bike in vietnam

I got this place from $15US a night to $13US a night, ohhh yeah. Hey, they want like $50us for a bike here, wtf!? You can find junkers in the garbage back home, I have, seriously. I took some photos of the crappiest bikes I could find so hopefully I can pick one up, dirt cheap. On that note, asked a lady how much she paid, she lives here, gave me her # and will hook me up tomorrow to check out an apartment with wifi for… get this … $150US a month, indeed.

I LOVE IT HERE and am going visa shopping tomorrow. Easy days and easy nights is the way for me. Also these ladies from Canada, one living in London agreed to meet me tomorrow at 2PM, same place to drink some sugarcane, smoke some cigarettes and point out some fabrics they like. Ultimately guys dress to appeal to women (well most of us) so why not get the opinion of the women you respect? Seems elementary, dear Watson.


P.S: Aggregional – We most certainly did a cheers for you.

P.P.S: Today, I was truly happy just going about my business and being part of the daily interactions in a far away land. I like it here if you couldn’t tell already.

P.P.P.S: For some reason whenever I see a cute dog, I take a photo.

P.P.P.P.S: If I ever update without pics, someone please tell me off. I have like 100 photos of this place, some awesome but on other days and I only typically add photos from the day I write this, sigh.

cute dog in Hoi An, Vietnam

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