Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik, Srd Hill & Ice Cream

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Good day,

Above is a video which should give you a glimpse of what it is like walking the walls Dubrovnik style. It’s a huge draw and lots of people say things like “you can’t go to Dubrovnik without walking the walls”. I’m here to say it’s a good time, I recommend it but by no means is it a necessity if you’re not that fit or sure footed. I’ve seen people my age complain about the cardio requirements and how it can hurt the knees, I hear them. That said, if you’re fit and looking for a good fitness fix which will also offer you stellar views, do it up!


Now, I think it’s important to get a birds eye view of Dubrovnik because it’s a special nest so I have a solution for those of you who aren’t quite up for walking the walls. It’s called taking a cable car to the top of Srd Hill and marveling in all the glory that is old town Dubrovnik. While there, you can also do the opposite of walking the walls where instead of being hot and sweaty, you can sit calmly at Panorama Restaurant while slowly sipping on some fine wine and/or having a delicious tuna steak; your choice. Also, instead of using a towel to swipe the sweat off your brow, you’ll use a blanket to warm yourself from the cool breeze.


This all came as a revelation to me yesterday as I was going to walk the walls again with my mom who is in her early 60’s. Besides figuring out where to stay in Dubrovnik, we’ve been busy, really busy. She’s been busy for days and Dubrovnik in general is a hilly spot on this planet. You see, walking the walls during the day wouldn’t be pleasurable if you have the luxury of time to go later. It’s hot and you’d feel like a wax museum figurine fighting off a forest fire or something of the like. As a result, do go at dusk as it’s definitely the “prime-time”. My point is for people not as young as some, if you’ve had a a day out and about it just might not be that reasonable to walk those steep steps after in the late afternoon.


That said, as I mentioned earlier, a trip up to Srd Hill is for everyone and offers an incredible view of the old town and Dubrovnik Riviera. Like the walls, I think the best time to go is at dusk and snag that last seat or so since you forgot to make a reservation. Then, order some wine, slowly sip it and watch the sunset before making a move into some of their mains. Afterwards, take the cable car down and stroll through the streets in search of ice cream to eat.


When it comes to ice cream, some are good some are better. Without a doubt, my favorite spot is Dubravka which is located at the entrance to the city gates where all the local buses drop people off. To say I’ve tried them all would be a lie as I can’t confirm but I think I have in the ~2 weeks I’ve been in Dubrovnik. I can say in full certainty though that I am a “cookies” flavor connoisseur. I tried one from some shop which will remain unnamed and I threw it in the garbage after a few licks and headed for Dubravka more determined than ever.


So yeah, if you’re feeling fit / up for it walk the walls. If not, I suggest you simply take the cable car up and enjoy a more refined view of Dubrovnik. Don’t forget though, nothing wrong with doing both because either / or is small talk; both is always best for most things, yes? Oh, how I almost forgot – stay tuned for a video from one of my trips to Srd Hill to find out what all the fuss is about. Read this far? Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you don’t miss it.

FYI – I was originally invited to Croatia as part of a campaign that was created and sponsored by Croatian National Tourist Board in partnership with iambassador. That said, I’ve returned on my own since to show my mother and obviously all thoughts are my own as they always have been and always will be. 

Tips hat,


Author: iyashinoshigoto

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  1. ah I’m so jealous! We wanted to go to Dubrovnik this summer but we’re going to Malaga instead, maybe later this year though!!

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