Wasted Day, Rotting Online


I’m bored and stressed out, is that possible? So I own a travel domain, yes? I am making into a wiki a travel wiki if you will like wikipedia. Basically a user generated travel guide because they should be free and written by the people for the people, whatever.

So I install it but the FTP at this place won’t work, one draw back… I go to this cafe and rot for a while, come home, toy, tinker, wow, it works. Problem, I made it in domain.com/mediawiki but I want it in the main domain…

Nuke or thought I nuked the files, go back to such said internet cafe and rot for 1.5 hours. It was going sooo slow I felt like Michael Bolton from Office space. You know how he feels about that copier, don’t you? That’s how I feel about “Internet Buddy” internet cafe, it is no friend of mine.

Finally come back, ecstatic that I’ve finally got it uploaded and ready to roll. Looks like I didn’t uninstall the first one properly or whatever… Nuke the entire domain and recreate it. Now I have to wait 24-48 hours for the domain to propagate. I also hate doing this with a relatively fresh domain. The domain is from 2005 or 2006 (bought at auction) but has never really had anything used on it.

When your site is new to google, it’s important to make a “good first impression”. I’ve had sites that didn’t and you work and tinker and if they don’t get indexed properly well, it’s a waste of time. One could argue “Yahoo & MSN” ya well Yahoo and MSN combine make up less than googles behemoth share of search.

Suffice to say a totally wasted day. Considering it’s only 40 megs… Had I been on a good connection and not made a simple error, should be a routine install. Now I have to wait and have that “cloud of doubt” as to whether google will  think the domain is owned by a total and complete @ssclown. Yay!


Tips hat,

P.S: Another travel video coming tonight.

P.P.S: Watched the movie office space? I fully agree that the singer “Michael Bolton” totally ruined a good name… Sorry in advance for posting that video.

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