Whale Watching in Telegraph Cove, British Columbia

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The other day Brendan and I ended up in Telegraph Cove after the Alert Bay road trip. Telegraph Cove was cool and the outfit we went whale watching with was Stubbs Island Whale Watching Adventures.

The video says it all but know this, if you’re in the area I highly recommend the experience. We saw one or two humpback whales and a pod of half a dozen Dall’s porpoise. Those porpoise are awesome creatures and you can see them in the video “doing their thing” and one even rushing under the boat.

Supposedly there are time where people see pods that are dozens or more. We didn’t see any orca but it’s no big deal as whale watching is like a safari or fishing trip, you go because it’s fun and anything else is just a bonus. The Stubbs Island staff was beyond professional and the captain was a solid character whom I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out / chatting about marine life and more with.

We stayed at the Telegraph Cove Resort, it was really quaint and captures the essence of another era.

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P.S: This happened a few days ago, expect a flurry of updates as all my videos got uploaded in a city I really like aka Prince Rupert.

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