living a dogs life in bali

I had the pleasure of having an in depth conversation with the dog above while on the island of Bali. We talked about lots of things including but not limited to: the price of gold, global warming, infections, fleas and of course, b!tches.

This dog was wise and told me to buy several stocks, which I did, and guess what? They went up. I’m not sure what he’s up too right now but I wish him the best. I never did get his name and he never got mine. I met him on the beach at 7AM after looking for some friends who apparently had gone home. I ran into a group of Balinese guys drinking Arah. I chatted with them for about 2 hours and then they left. It was just myself and the dog who will remain nameless, watching the waves wash ashore. It made us realize that “time and tide” truly wait for no man / woman, or dog for that matter.

What to do when you live in a zoo? I’m at a cross roads right now on this trip. Where do I go from here? I’ve seen most of Thailand and visited Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Bali was arguably my favorite spot yet but I’m not going back until I’ve seen most of the world. Is it worth looking at Laos? Should I take a plane to the Philippines? Get a visa to Vietnam, caravan to Cambodia or a sojourn in South Korea? Or maybe I should just get a haircut, burn these dirty white t’s and book a cruise for 5 days?

graffiti in asia

Doing nothing but updating this blog and sailing around Asia like a ship with no rudder is getting boring. I’m also thinking longer term as to what the goals of this trip are… I am very into languages for an array of reasons but at this point, Thai seems like “diving in the deep end” as it’s a totally different alphabet and I’d trouble with the multitude of tones as it’s not an “easy language”. That said most things that are “easy” aren’t that satisfying.

Enough of that for now. Last night was fun but I’m really over the “OMG I’m on a trip around the world” phase of this excursion. I’m back near Khao San and I only had a few drinks then got bored of the scene, came home went on the net then had a beer and a lengthy conversation about life and the many facets of it with a most intriguing European woman. I love how I could also treat us both to a light night dinner or an early morning breakfast while picking up her tab in the process for under a cool $10US.

My friends girlfriend flew in from overseas last night. As a result, I believe we will be hitting the town to discover some of Bangkok’s fine dining destinations. I just wish I had a tuxedo and a top hat, that would be awesome.  While we’re at it, throw in a custom hand crafted cane from the Canary Islands. I can see myself now, strolling around the streets with a swagger and a smile.

I have some thinking to do. Lots of these tourist areas are “good fun” but you mainly meet people traveling until the cash runs out. I want to meet other innovative and ambitious people and see what types of interesting and lucrative opportunities await he or she who dares. You’ll never know unless you go, right?

Tips top hat,

P.S: Whenever I say “tips hat”, I am ALWAYS referring to a top hat, fyi.

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