What’s Good? What’s Bad? Who Knows?

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What’s up with luck? How do you know what’s good, what’s bad?  I’m stuck in Bangkok and just started some new specialized antibiotics for my knee. As a result they want me to relax next few days and buy some glad cling wrap to cover around the area when I shower, genius!

I got my teeth cleaned today for ~$23US. I would say they did ~85% as good a job as back home for 1/7th the price, that’s an epic win. I also heard from someone that the ultra cheap whitening they have going on in many of these places called  “whitening by laser” wears off after a week or so. It’s not that cheap though, it’s ~$200US.

If you’re buying antibiotics for anything more than just a common cold, pay extra for ones that come in a package, are more specialized and have clear expiry dates written. These “expensive” specialized ones cost me 350 baht, while generic broad spectrum whatevers would have been 230 baht. That’s still only $12US people, get the goods!

Friends leaving for Laos on Friday and others (guys I’ve been waiting for) leave for Chang Mai tomorrow, I’m going to stay in Bangkok until this cycle is done. In the event it doesn’t totally finish things, I’d rather be here than up north. Also gives me an excuse to hang out here longer, I like Bangkok, a lot.

Who knows what is good, what is bad, what’s going to happen next? Instead of labeling events and judging them, I’m must rolling with them and so should you. Until everything is played out, it’s somewhat ignorant to judge a small part of the overall puzzle. Who knows what may come from this?

I know one thing, I’d rather be on antibiotics in Bangkok then sitting at my desk with wet salty socks from scraping & digging my car out of a winter blizzard while staring out the window, wondering to myself…

“What’s happening in Bangkok?”

Tips hat,

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