Wifi on the beach, that’s what it is all about.

I’ve been thinking lately, travel can get boring.

Beach and wifi? Any beach town you’re in that has wifi within a stones throw from the ocean is prime time. In reality, if you’re going to be away from friends and family (assuming you all have them or at least some) it makes little sense to not be on a beach, with wifi. If you got a job that’s different, obviously but same rules still sorta apply.

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka where I am now, has all that AND MORE. Mirissa? I’d never go back there. Sure the beach was great but it has no town vibe. Part of what makes a “beach town” a beach town, is well having some kind of pulse. Mirissa was this strip of beach and not much wifi, just some cafe that had wifi. When I say a strip, I mean ~5 stores catering it, no streets to wander in and find local treasures.

Topic of wifi, just got it going again after a wild driver hunt on a slow virus ridden computer / internet cafe trying whatever might work until gold was struck. If you’re a web person or say a stock trader / investor aka the majority of people who take off while casually throwing a lit bag of dynamite over their shoulder onto the bridge behind them, it’s a necessity.

Some dog just came up to say hello, he looks well kept, probably lives here. Now he’s sleeping under the table I’m writing at, I should really put on bug spray. Where was I? Oh yeah, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka is pretty choice. It’s got everything you need, except the wifi could be faster.

Food here is cheap but not a lot of local places, or they are well hidden. Just over-priced tourist places on the ocean. Granted if you can eat from ~$3-7US a meal at a beach side restaurant, nothing to complain about. My room is in this small zen like garden on the other side of the lane, costs $9US a night.

Problem? Tsunami. Many places in Sri Lanka are supposed to be built 100M from the ocean. These places seriously stand NO CHANCE should it happen again. On the topic of standing a chance, Galle which was a major city in Sri Lanka for trade I’m assuming has a sick fort. Fort’s are awesome, every child should built at least a few forts in their time. It’s old and is standing the test of time. Looking out from the fort onto the horizon is a worthwhile thing to do. Just looks cool.

Topic of “worthwhile” things to do besides brushing your teeth is watching the sunset near the temple on top of the hill to the right of Unawatuna. You have to walk through “Dog beach” where dogs routinely get into fights over territory or for lack of anything better to do. Anyways, it’s just these massive rocks, onto a really cool sunset and you can see Galle in the distance.


Enough about Sri Lanka, it’s cool and the local food is tasty, we know that. Just thinking in general, next time you take a plan an extended trip, spend some time beachfront with wifi, it’s truly a great combo. Let’s get real, unless you have the IQ of a koala, doing nothing and just lying on a beach gets really old, really fast. Really, really, really fast. It’s funny. You see so many dudes bored out of their skulls while their wives soak up the sun sipping on a soda.

The world as we know it is changing, really fast.


P.S: As always have found some random company of people that are not only eccentric but hilarious. That dude who has been traveling 7 years from the US and this lawyer from the UK on vacation. Not a lot of tourists around, big change from most of SE Asia. Must remember “hole in the menu”. Of course a shout out to “Harry Potter” who is no doubt walking around with a small steel suitcase in a dress who coined “hole in the menu”.

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