A Wild(ish) Wednesday Night in Montreal, Canada

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I’m writing this on the train to Ottawa from Montreal. It has just pulled out of the station and in less than 2 hours I’ll be back home, in Ottawa. I wasn’t in for very long, maybe 14 hours but I certainly made the most of it. I connected with an old friend and called another but as it happens, he was at the airport waiting for a flight to London, random. From there we went out and had a wild Wednesday night in Montreal…

As it happens, the weather was really warm and it must have been hovering around 0 degrees. We hit up a few places with ridiculous deals on pitchers such as say “The Cock & Bull”, I never inquired about why they call it that but I’m somewhat curious to be honest. We also ventured to which was probably a bad idea. After a few pitchers, sushi just doesn’t taste that good and after we ordered several plates we left and the staff was like “really?” Perhaps it’s just growing up? Just because it’s all you can eat, doesn’t mean you need to feed your face like a glutton; or does it?

On Thursday nights has a stand-up comedy night so we went to go check it out. As it happens, last night was a Wednesday which was a small detail I seem to have overlooked. We arrived and sure enough there was nothing going on so we took a shot of whiskey and hit the streets. Turns out this hostel is in the middle of the “Gay Village” so we went into the gayest bar we could find and got served by a drag queen who doubled as the bouncer. We made small talk and drank aggressively before deciding to walk down St. Catherine’s and stop in at whatever bar piqued our fancy along the way.

We stopped into all sorts of random pubs and drank all sorts of random beers before finally arriving at the Peel Pub which is a notorious university bar near McGill. I’m a big fan of ridiculous university bars and we fit right in. Turns out for $17 you can buy a mini keg of beer, unreal. We drank most of it before realizing that if we finished it, it would finish us. We gave the rest to these two guys who were so happy it was like giving your daughter a pony for her 5th birthday, yeah just like that.

You’re getting old when you go hard from 4PM-10PM and consider it a good night. It ended with some Havana Club rum which was certainly a horrific idea and I’ll spare you the details. Seriously now, if you come to Canada you need to go out and about in Montreal at least once. The city has a real soul to it and there is something for everyone regardless of how you roll or if you’re taking it casual and prefer to stroll; they got you covered too. It’s also home to the most beautiful and magnificently dressed women in North America but that’s just my opinion…

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Now it’s back to Ottawa, I’ll be there for a few days before heading to Calgary…

Tips hat,

P.S: Also forget going for sushi, get some smoked meat…

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