Wow, it’s been 40 Countries & 23 Months of Travel

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Tonight marks the end of an era(4o countries & 23 months of traveling), this is my last update from the road for what will always be referred to as the initial swan dive in the unknown. It was like doing a swan dive off the 13th floor of an office building in a full tuxedo with top hat on to a road that was recently flooded due to a sewer mane explosion. Got swept away by the current and consequently saw lots of the world…

Never thought it would end like this but such is life. To be honest, it’s been almost two years since I’ve been gone and if I don’t go home now, it will be 3 years until I see everyone. Why would a gentleman go home in the winter? That’s right, there are no valid reasons. Besides the obvious which is my family, friends, special events and the fleeting Ottawa summer… Saw a photo of my grand father tagged in my cousins post it said “great grandpa”.

He’s looking so old, that was my breaking point. Rest of Balkans aren’t going anywhere.

This blog isn’t going to the blogyard which is a graveyard for blogs. It’s being redone into something special until I leave again in a month or so. This blog and my traveling are moving like a freight train, it won’t just stop.  Time to rest up, reconnect and recharge my personal and business life. 23 months of going hard on the road is intense, I assure you.

Look forward to more videos, I like videos, they are fun and different. Also this blog has done a great job in my estimation of attracting and retaining organic readers. It has an audience, now it’s time to build more of a community. Sick of standing on this soap box and screaming into the unknown masses who come daily but never even leave so much as a few bread crumbs, indeed.

40+ countries and roughly 23 months, not bad for no plan and a one way ticket.

Please rest assured, this is not the end. It’s the end of this era and come fall when the leaves start changing color and the people of Ottawa stop complaining about the heat and transfer such complaints to the cold, yours truly will be gone again. Have an interview perhaps in the Philippines for something big, if not Central & South America seems like a good place to do what this blog is known for…

All joking aside, it’s been fun writing this blog, I’ve loved sharing the adventure with you and hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it. This blog has been a labor of love as I don’t sell ads, it’s time to step it up and start sharing tips and tricks with you. The internet is filled with “experts” who have no experience, this was the foundation for what is to come.

Question: What would you like to see more of here?

Tips hat,

P.S: When it comes to summer, don’t forget that Canada is a special place…

P.P.S: Going to Toronto on the 11th.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

40 thoughts on “Wow, it’s been 40 Countries & 23 Months of Travel

  1. We all need to catch up with family at sometime and as you say the Balkans and the rest of the world aren’t going anywhere. It’s been great reading your blogs and bringing all those countries to those who don’t or can’t travel. Looking foward to your return

  2. Just discovered your site a few weeks ago and have been methodically reading every post. Thank you for creating this site and for making it so enjoyable to read. It’s a wealth of valuable information.

    It’s also very inspirational. Especially for someone like myself who is an independent financial trader who could/should venture out on something like this.

    I’ll be reading when you pick things up. Best of luck to you.

    1. Love it when people read through the entire site, happens every once in a while. It will be crazier than your wildest dreams, of that I assure you.

  3. Dude, that’s damn impressive. I just finished a nearly 18 month continuous journey covering South America and Asia. It’s quite the transition to go from the backpacking lifestyle to something else. I’m already saving and planning for my next journey. I’m sure with the amount of things you’ve experienced you won’t run out of ideas to post on your blog any time soon. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks, still feel a bit like a quitter for some reason as only 5 countries left on this leg but if don’t go home now, it will be next year and it’s just too damn long to be gone. If *ONLY* Canada had the opposite summers of Europe, life would be simpler!

  4. Hi Rob – I haven’t read the whole blog, but I have checked in from time to time to see where you are.

    Are you planning to visit London in the future? If so – give me a shout.

    Also, if you ever feel like collaborating on some real blogging tips, you’d be very welcome to write a guest post for Quick Blog Tips.

    Maybe we can talk some more about Bloggeries too. Drop me an email if you’d like to talk more 🙂

    1. Will message you shortly upon my return. Much to discuss as always, good sir. Let’s do what you have discussed AND MORE.

    1. Thanks man, no big deal, just some egregious food poisoning from the dodgy wnrwagon.

      This blog can’t stop, won’t stop.

  5. Rob, sincerely, thank you for your labor of love and sharing with the world. I can’t reiterate enough how inspirational your adventure has been for me, reading everything twice, start to finish.

    While I am a ham&egger, 9-5 regular joe who shelved my dreams of seeing the world years ago, your walk in a world of confusion and uncertainty restored quite a bit of my faith in the “we are all in this together” adage.

    Rest up, enjoy your family, as they miss you most of all. God Bless. John.

    P.S If you are ever in Boston parts, feel free to let me know, cold beverages are on me. Indeud…..

  6. Fantastic journey, iyashinoshigoto is. You approach cultures well. I want to see you write about the minimalist travel gear.

  7. Before you, I didn’t even know the word ‘gregarious’ existed. Seriously. Congrats on this accomplishment. Great job. Can’t wait for iyashinoshigoto 3.0. It’s gonna make Facebook look like Hotmail.

  8. Hey Rob, great blog! You’ve had a great run… I started reading your blog back in June from the beggining and couldn’t stop similar to a book you can’t put down. It sucked to finally catch up and have to wait each day for the next city and adventure. Enjoy your time with your loved ones. I’m looking forward to following your future travels.

    1. Thanks Jesse,

      I can relate as I’ve found several blogs that I’ve read from start to finish and find myself hitting refresh during the day on… Glad this became one of yours.

  9. it has been great following your adventures and we are looking forward to the next chapter. We would love to see more of Canada!

  10. have so enjoyed your posts and am so happy you’re going to see your family–and that you got home in one piece:)

  11. Cheers to you, your creative travel-planning and thanks for sharing your journey! If you need advice on travel in Central/ South America/China, my friend Oscar — fluent in Spanish — runs a travel company and might be able to help. Surf over: All the best!

  12. Rob, you’re an inspiration man. You’ve seen and done more than many people in your lifetime. I know this is just a short break for you and you’ll be off again to inspire us all to get out there and go for it. Good luck my man, and enjoy your time off. Looking forward to getting together soon. Later!

  13. I definitely toss kudos your way – staying on the road continuously is TOUGH…I’ve only really travelled around long-term as an expat in the past and that isn’t the same as constant motion like we’re doing now. Well done and great job with the blog =)

  14. I’m a little sad that I didn’t follow you while you were going around the world. But they say once you’ve got the travel bug, you never really stop traveling. I’m sure they’ll be plenty more explorations for you ahead. But in the meantime, you can reminisce in your very impressive 23 months of travel.

    1. haha I’m on to my next one and it got pretty full. Luckily, lots of countries just give you a stamp instead of those (albeit cool looking) full page visas.

      1. Good job on making the move.

        If you feel that way, figure out what you want (roughly) and start working in that general direction. The travel trail is turbulent and easy to get washed up on shore. Make a plan and hold your course!

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