Today we’ll discuss a day trip to the which is located roughly 20km outside of Managua on the good old highway to Leon. It’s a popular place for some residents of Managua and surrounding areas to kick it on weekends and has some infrastructure such as several restaurants and whatnot. While we were there we feasted on fish and watched the military do some diving exercises, pretty cool.

So let’s catch up, shall we? After I published the post yesterday my friend arrived with breakfast in bed, seriously. It was this monster bowl of fruit and if you don’t believe me, . Not long after I met some new friends aka friends of my friends who suggested we “beat the heat” and go check out some cool spot near the city, I had no idea we were going to Xiloa.

On the topic of no idea, no idea somewhere this solid and serene existed so close to the mangled monster of a city called Managua. You drive up these hills with great views and through these really dry and brown mountainous areas where you see iguanas running across the road and just for the heck of it a few pieces of tumbleweed, I think?

We roll in and my friend stays in the car. I’m with my new friend drinking beer and waiting for fish. The fish arrive and it’s 3 fish that weigh about 2 pounds each. Next it turns out we’re off to his place as he runs Cercanias de Xiloa which is pleasantly placed right on the edge of the Lagoon. We drink coke and beer and these large chicken platters arrive.

Next we go for a swim and the water is oh so clear. It’s also nice to be back in fresh water as I can open my eyes and look around. People do go scuba diving here and would have been interesting to have my snorkel gear. The bar has this machine which is like an old jukebox and for $C5 aka $0.20 you can put on whatever song you want and the video is attached. I’d actually like one of those machines and have not seen one anywhere before but I digress. Before we end this thought, .

Afterwards we check out this property, you never know where will lead you in this incredible country. I’m not sure what happened in the area but there are several big houses that look completely desolate. We checked out this house sitting on half an acre that looked like it had seen better days, right on the lagoon aka lakeside for $15,000US. Personally, I’m not a fan of mainland property in foreign countries. Too many variables you can’t control and on a small island, the water acts as a huge moat to keep people out and if someone did something, traps them in.

It was a really pleasant day with equally pleasant people that wasn’t too hot or muggy and the water was oh so refreshing. Not long after we cruised back through town and they pointed out all sorts of interesting buildings. As it happens there was a massive earthquake in 1972 which destroyed most of the city and only a few buildings still remain, you know the monster stone ones. I’m a big fan of stone but who isn’t, right?

Afterwards it was time to go back to Oriental Market as the flip flops I bought were garbage and a rookie mistake according to my friends. The gent I went with has car issues aka his starter is broken so another friend jumped in and he’s not the best standard driver… We stalled like 5 times in the heart of Managua at rush hour and myself and this lanky Caribbean guy were laughing and pushing this beater around the streets. It even stalled inside Oriental Market, twice. I really wish someone filmed it as well, it was quite the scene…

Next it was dental time, the sins I’ve committed against my teeth have been cleared again for $10, yes!

Tomorrow I’m off to Texas at 7am and by 6pm I’ll be at a rib & brisket birthday bbq, indeed.

Hey you, have a sick weekend ok?

Tips hat,

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