I sit in this deserted coffee bean with the a/c pumping with only my poker playing friend from the US once more in Kuta, Bali. Last night was “champagne party” of sorts that started in a most uncommon manner. What I’m about to share with you is treu (sic) and arguably the best $15 I have ever spent on a “night on the town”.

So I’m going on a leisurely jaunt through Kuta with a 1.5L bottle of water, fresh from an internet session. I pass by the Green Box, this tiny bar in Kuta, Bali. These Spanish girls I met at an internet cafe days earlier call my name, it’s one of their birthdays. I tell them I’m “taking it easy” just going for a leisurely night walk as I do everyday.

They buy me a shot and moments later, being the gentleman that I am, I go to the bar to reciprocate. I ask how much shots are, he tells me 5,000ru each, I ask him if he’s mad, he says no, I say I’ll take 8. He then informs me they have a promotion going on, 20 shots for 50,000Ru or ~$5US. Being a true lover of all economies of scale, I oblige.

At this point I see these blonde bombshells dancing. Then I realize that it is these Swedish girls I met in Bangkok and they realize it’s the crazy Canadian they met. I was eating breakfast and saw them ordering food, I obviously started chatting with them. It’s a small world especially on the travel circuit. If you talk to lots of people, they are no longer strangers and you most likely will run into them again. Talk to any European and most will tell you Swedish women are great, even Tiger Woods, the “biggest player in the world” married a Swede.

I digress.

I buy the shots and pass them around before heading to a discotheque. We hit up Sky Garden and madness ensues. Typically I don’t go out that much anymore. I’m always up but “go out” anymore if that makes sense to you. A very wise internet entrepreneur I met in Koh Tao, Thailand who has been traveling 3 years informed me that he exclusively drinks when the opportunity is right aka nights like last night. Going out with your friends is  a waste, going out with beautiful women who want to go on a tear is the polar opposite.

Hit up a few more clubs until they all close. After this I scoff at the price of a shawarma, they want $5US, I can get them in Canada for cheaper. After parting ways I walk to a K to buy a bottle of water and hear music coming from a popular pool hall where a few of my friends ALWAYS end up. I decide I’ll check it out and sure enough, there are 4 people there. My friends. I run to my room to get something and come back but the bar had closed. It’s getting light out and decided to check out the beach.

They aren’t there but there is this big mob of local guys drinking local whiskey and playing music. They invite me to sit down, I say sure. We talk about all sorts of stuff drinking the strongest stuff I’ve ever tasted in my life while watching the sun rise. At about 8am, they leave and as I’m leaving, the Spaniards come running over as they are going to sleep on the beach, I join them. I lie there for a while until this little d0g comes over and we have a conversation, he was cool but probably had fleas so I ended our conversation short. Before leaving though he told me that gold will probably be a solid investment as people anticipate  the fed to start rising rates, sometime in 2010, I thank him.

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