There is an absurd amount of street level begging going on by kids in Cambodia. Some even some carrying around sick looking babies. If you sit in any popular cafe, in a tourist part of town… Expect to see some street kids trying to sell you stuff, blind people being pushed by, amputees selling postcards and crooks selling you guide books.

Once, I felt bad for this kid, who later turned out to be a monster. He’s all on a bout his little brother being hungry and I’m eating a $1 yellow noodle and beef out late night. I say, whatever, you can have one as well. Whole time we sat there he made these really creepy facial expressions at us and talked rubbish. After food came, bounced, fast.

1 hour later I’m in front of the convenience store, same kid asks me for food. I say “I just bought you dinner, like an hour ago.”  You see the young kids hanging with an older one who is like their “ring leader” and crap like that. Supposedly they hate open food, love sealed things so they can return it. If you buy one, open it as it leaves the shop, they won’t be stoked.

To make matters worse, lots of women like “befriending” these types of kid or telling them they should be at home and all this other blatantly obvious stuff. Next thing you know it’s a frenzy of little kids. I saw one girl getting mobbed~7-8 kids and the older kids were grabbing her chest and slapping her face while giving you the finger when telling them to get lost. At this point, all pockets or valuables are very vulnerable. My friend met a girl yesterday he rescued from one, she was quite emotional about it. That girl I saw getting mobbed got out of it by jumping in a tuk tuk.

Two days ago, I saw a girl give this little group like ~$4 and then they all hounded her further, like she was uncomfortable as she was walking away quickly and 1 or 2 are still trying to grab on to her arms.

Considering how poor the country is, begging is much easier than what many people do to earn a living. Many many could be doing it, instead of rewarding someone for having their kid out late night begging, don’t give them anything. As much as they are “little kids”, you can’t look at them that way. Sounds horrible but much like those dogs you see walking around aren’t what you think. I now know why many Asian people I’ve met back in Canada DO NOT like dogs. Also if you hang out long enough, you’ll notice it’s a never ending stream of beggars.

Good time to be proactive about the whole thing, if you give them no attention, they will move on fast, they’re used to it. If they get non verbally dismissed 95% of the time and you give them a conversation… Don

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