I’m quitting this trip, I miss my old life and I’m going back to it, crawling and crying.

JUST KIDDING. All my digital equipment is mangled, all of it. I feel like I lost someone close to me, they have been my companions for the last 6 months. Now, they lie in front of me, lifeless. It’s kinda sad, not sad like I’m crying but sad like, this sucks.

I also know the value of a dollar. I’ve been totally turned upside down in Asia. What do I mean? Ill tell you, naturally. I mean I get rooms for $10, steak meals for $3. I forgot how much electronics cost. My HD camcorder which was arguably my favorite thing got sand in it, my fault. My ipod touch, got wet in the ocean, again, my fault.

It will cost $160US to fix the $500 camera from 3 years ago. The thing is, the technician said it may take a week and there may be other issues as it’s an older “well used” camera. My ipod touch will cost ~$200US as it’s totally toast. Ironically, I don’t care about the cost on that, I care about the s (last time I’ll ever mention that, honest).

What is bizzaro world is that if I buy a new camera and a new ipod touch it will cost me ~$7-800US, if I buy an iphone instead of the ipod touch it will cost me ~$1500-1800 as they are really expensive here. Getting ones that are not attached to a plan is expensive, why? Because the carriers want to slowly strangle you until you have no coin, charging you absolutely absurd monthly bills for a technology that 90% of the users really don’t need. I think I just talked myself out of it, time to go back to the touch.

Back to the value of a dollar, in Asia, I live very cheaply but not like a cheapo. I mean, I spend less than I would in Nor What’s weird though is that I’m kinda like “hmm eehhh hmmm” over buying a new ipod even though it’s only $150US, it’s just everything here is so cheap. Flip side is, I’ll spend more than that on “going out on the town” in a week, EASY.

I guess it’s all about priorities and not knowing what you had until it’s gone all mixed in with all good things come to an end. Something like that.

Didn’t get up to anything today except change rooms. This room is nowhere near as nice, same price but it has the wifi, I may just switch back tomorrow, undecided. Also, getting kinda sick, sick like you flush your cigarettes and lock yourself in your room with really strong cough syrup until you start hallucinating from whatever is in there and the heat of Ho Chi Minh City.

I’ll go out later for a bite, maybe a pint. This has really

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