I sit here in one of the countless coffee shops in Amsterdam’s Central Station area. This is the one I found with wifi and a hotel guests only place roped off, I just kinda wandered in first day and I’ve been hanging here since. If you’re polite and order something, they most likely won’t care. Most places don’t have wifi I’ve found but do have terminals you can pay to use.

The garbage is getting picked up now which is good. It was looking pretty skidly and this is coming from someone who has been through SE Asia for the last while. The weather is also getting nicer and it’s very easy to get lost here. So many canals and similar architecture make it easy to get disoriented.

Hotels are reasonably cheap, just really expensive compared to Asia. The lowest prices I’ve found are ~$40Euro for a hotel room, 10 for a 4 person dorm. There are places that charge ~18 euro for an 18 person dorm and 22 for an 8 person dorm. Also hotels that do singles from ~40 (just one place) to like 100 and none of these are anything special. On weekends, places are most often all booked up. Weekdays are easier and often times cheaper for a room.

I’ll be transferring from my shady $50 euro a night place into something else tomorrow, hopefully. It has a staircase of death for 4 floors or so and then is a tiny room, but it does the trick. Wifi would be nice but the guy told me he doesn’t even have a computer. I will note that if you plan on staying for more than ~5 days you should just get an apartment first day. For ~500-700 euro you get a month…

There is an interesting blend of people and shops making up the feel of this area. It also entertains all sorts of characters from around the world which makes random adventures with people you just met highly likely.

Grolsch is one of my favorite beers and here it’s only $0.56E which in my mind, is a steal for a tall can. It goes for much more in Canada as it’s imported, obviously. I don’t know if I should trust the water so have been using it for all sorts of things such as washing one’s teeth etc…

I will say that having nothing booked and showing up at 11pm on a Friday night and taking a train to central station was one of the best calls of this trip. A foreign place with friendly locals and boatloads of tourists all there for basically the same reason you are, a good time.

Staying out the entire evening was fun but definitely had wtf moments involved. It was like going from having a nice hotel room, to sleeping in an airport to wandering around all night without a place aka homeless. Being homeless long term anywhere but especially somewhere with cold weather would be extremely unpleasant.

Traveling alone is key for hav

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