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Greetings from Grandma’s House,

I’m writing this from outside Boston and it is freezing, straight up stupid cold but guess what?! It’s warmer than it was in Ottawa as we’re moving south. I was home for something like 30 hours and I near froze to death before saying “Peace out” to Canadian Winters for an undetermined amount of time. It’s crazy how the mountains were like hovering around 0 degrees but you get back to the city with nothing to do but eat fatty foods while getting depressed and the temp drops to -29, hooray!!

I’m at my Grandma’s house with my mom. My friends work for Porter Airlines and had a 60% off coupon code for employees. As a result I purchased two return tickets for my mother and I as an Xmas present. Who can say no to 60% off a fight? Not this guy. The weather was rugged and it was some of the roughest flying I’ve done in ages, props to the pilots. I seriously thought my mom was going to use one of those bags from the seat in front. I didn’t feel sick but I did feel nauseous and it reminded me of some deep sea fishing trips I’ve been on after an egregious night before. If I was a burly dude, I’d say “totally tubular turbulence” or something of that nature.

As it happens, it’s freezing cold outside Boston as well. It’s not quite as harsh as Ottawa but freezing no less. That said, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, though there are plenty of things to do in Boston, I’m going to continue working my way south. I have a big suitcase that I’m going to fill with fishing and snorkeling equipment which I plan on bringing down for some friends in Nicaragua. They love that stuff and it’s pretentiously priced down there, go figure?! Last night I met up with some relatives and enjoyed a New England Pub, it was good but it’s just miserable outside. I’m sitting here fully dressed and a bit cold, what’s up with that?

So I might be flying somewhere further south tomorrow but who knows? I’m on standby with a friend who works for a major airline and well, standby is stressful. Even the flight attendants I was chatting up yesterday while waiting on the tarmac for de-icing in Toronto agreed. You’ll never know unless you go is never truer than in flying standby. You show up dressed to impress with shiny black shoes and a collared shirt while sitting there waiting for your name to be called for a seat; if not well you’re on your own… In fact, I’m not even confirmed yet so your guess is as good as mine but def ready to get back to shorts.

I’d continue rambling but we’re going out for lunch and stuff you do with your mom and grandma…

Tips hat,

P.S: If it’s been a while, you should go call your Grandma immediately as I’m sure she’d love to hear from you…

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