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While I was traveling back from Europe my friends at  got in touch with me about a unique opportunity for Canadians. I checked it out, liked it, entered and now I’m sharing it with you. It’s the opportunity to go on the trip of a lifetime worth $15,000 with up to 10 friends. The world always could and especially now use a little more of in it so the name of the contest is Export Yourself which you can follow along on social media using the #ExportYourself hashtag.


TLDR? – Simply

If you’re looking to enter the #ExportYourself competition like I just did, it’s incredibly easy. Simply click below and you’ll be asked to answer a bunch of questions. To say it’s simple would be an understatement and the only time you actually type anything is when you enter your name and email address so you can be ed should you win.

It’s basically choosing from four choices at each step like where do you want to go? Do you want to go to the  beach, mountains, city etc… Then in true Canadian style it also has options like what would you pack? Naturally some choices are bacon, poutine and things like that. It will ask you who you’d like to come along with you and I chose family but you could have BFFs, sports teams and the like. Finally, I liked the part where it asked what your theme song would be and I chose “Rocking in the Free World”.



I entered because I’d love to win a free trip for myself and family to a beach destination. I know that I live on Little Corn Island which is already a beach destination but if we won, I’d want to go to an all-inclusive somewhere and just chill out. You know, do stuff like drink some rum and comment on how strong it is with my Dad during sunset, also talk about the incredible buffet selections with him. I’m thinking somewhere in would work well, not a long flight and lots of fun in the sun.

Also do things like go for a walk with my Mom, discuss dessert options or take the time with her to decide which of the countless restaurants we’ll be making a reservation at… I’m a big fan of beach destinations and since I’ve been so busy on the building side lately, would be nice to go somewhere warm with the family and just unwind without a care in the world besides what drink to have next (mojito most likely) and what’s for dinner.

I like all beach destinations and basically, I just love warm climates.



The whole point of the contest can best be summed up by reading it’s mission statement.

“To help as many Canadians as possible export themselves, so they can share their attitude, their maple syrup and their sense of humour with the world.”

Sounds fair and at the end of the contest you can tweet on Twitter or share on Facebook that you just entered. By doing this, you will be given an additional $1000 spending money should you win. That’s the thing with contests, you never know if you’ll win or not but I do know that you need to be in it to win it.

Good luck my maple syrup on bacon loving friends.

Tips hat,



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