Impromptu Pangani Road Trip

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A mission in this old Benz was taking place and I joined in. Drove a while and ended up here to stock up on some building materials.

The well was about 20 feet deep and assume the only drinking supply. Things like this make me laugh at how well the mass media has made people with everything want more and feel incomplete.

Go drink a tall glass from the sink, enjoy it and savor the taste. For a shockingly large part of the population, it is only a pipe dream.

P.s: All 3 dogs here have climbed the stairs to my tree house and asleep on either side of my tent and one at the stairs, wow.

P.p.s: Dogs are great if not part of an angry Asian street gang and living outside. Dogs are also a great judge of character, FYI. I kid, I jest but not that much.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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