Make 2017 The Year You Discover South America

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Ilha Grande, Brazil ... Photo by CC user Fulviusbsas on Wikimedia Commons

From the quiet of the Patagonian Andes to the bombastic Carnival celebrations of Rio de Janeiro, a wide range of holiday experiences await you in South America.

Whether you love nature, history, or culture, there are plenty of attractions that will make a trip here memorable for you and your travelling companions.

While this continent can be easily explored by independently minded travellers, those who prefer to have tour groups take care of logistics also have plenty of choices.

If Brazil figures prominently in your plans, BIT (Brazilian Incentive & Tourism) is your best bet. With years of experience showing overseas visitors the best nature, culture, food, and architecture that Brazil and South America has to offer, you can rest assured that your group will have a fantastic trip with this company.

Help BIT celebrate its 25th anniversary

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Brazil – Rich in culture and nature

Sao Paulo, Brazil ... Photo by CC user Julioboaro on Flickr

As South America’s largest nation, an endless series of sights and attractions are contained within its borders.

You could start your trip by landing in Manaus and going on a cruise into the heart of the Amazon Jungle.

Or you could recline on beaches from Ilha Grande to Fernando de Noronha.

Lying on a beach lounger not your thing? Opt to spend your trip feeling the urban pulse of cities like Fortaleza, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo through its art galleries, museums, cultural events and pulsing nightlife.

Whatever your agenda, Brazil will leave you planning your return trip to your flight back home, as there is far more to do here than any traveller could ever hope to fit into a single trip.

Colombia – Not wanting to leave is the only danger

Cartagena, Colombia by CC user pedrosz on Flickr

Visited only in the past by adventurous backpackers, Colombia’s pristine Caribbean beaches, hidden ruins, and vibrant centres are only beginning to be discovered by conventional tourists.

From the colourful walled city of Cartagena to the salsa dance clubs of Cali, its cities will enliven your spirit, while the unspeakably beautiful beaches of Tayrona and the Amazonian jungle of Leticia will set your soul at peace. Visit now before the word about this special nation spreads too far.

Peru – More than just Machu Picchu

Huacachina, Peru by CC user Charles Gadbois on Wikimedia Commons

Though it is primarily known for Machu Picchu, there is much more to Peru than this famous lost city. After seeing this attraction, make time to check out Peruvian cuisine in cities like Lima, Arequipa, and Cusco.

All these places have plenty of colonial Spanish architecture as well, so make a point to linger in their old centres before moving on to your next destination.

Active travellers will want to spend a few nights in Huacachina. A town built around an oasis and giant sand dunes, visitors will get the chance to sandboard down its steep hills amid the austere scenery of the Atacama Desert.

Chile – From tropical desert to the Antarctic

Puerto Varas, Chile by CC user Hosteria Outsider on German Wikipedia

Those looking for a nation of geographic extremes will find no better example than Chile.

With the world’s driest desert in the extreme north, South America’s most fertile lands in its centre, lakes & mountains further south, and windswept sub-antarctic grasslands at its extreme southern end, naturalists will be taken aback by what they find here.

Lovers of culture aren’t left out either, as the street art and effortless grit of Valparaiso will impress those obsessed with finding a city that is genuine and uncompromising in its identity.

Argentina – Big city sophistication and wide open spaces

Perito Moreno Glacier by CC user Docu on Wikimedia Commons

South America has more than a few cities that boast a strong European influence, but none compare to the atmosphere surrounding Buenos Aires.

Possessing Parisian architecture, a food culture shaped by Italian immigrants, and a love of life that old world Spaniards would be proud of, it has shaped a unique civic identity around Bs As that keeps visitors coming back for more.

As easy as it can be to spend an entire visit to Argentina exploring its neighbourhoods, Buenos Aires’ vast hinterland begs to be explored.

From the immense power of Iguazu Falls to its world-renowned wine country, there is much that can be reached within a short flight.

For those prepared to go further, Bariloche, the Perito Moreno Glacier, and Ushuaia will reward the adventurous with epic views of lakes, mountains, and glaciers, much of which is unlike anything else in the world.

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