Peace Out Bucharest, Flight to Istanbul!

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Left Bucharest, Romania today via a large bird that had lots of jet fuel, attractive women in clever outfits and was owned by Tarom. (Hat tip to Vic for finding it) I recommend that airline, it was as cheap as any other, no extra baggage fee AND they give you a meal + drinks on a 1 hour flight, huh!? Now I’m back in Istanbul, Turkey and feeling electric in this eccentric city, I love Istanbul.

Before we continue, it’s my grand father’s 85th birthday. He is a hero of mine and I live by many of his sayings. He is also a legit World War II hero who traveled the world in a submarine, send him some good wishes. My whole family is basically there at a cook out in Boston, wish I was there. He’s doing well but paying for a lifetime of loving cigarettes… Love you Grandpa!

Had a minor heart attack on the way to the airport, the lady told me I’d be fine, I made it to the gate right as they were closing after a bird dropped one on my freshly washed shorts. Did meet a cool truck driver though and we traded s, perhaps a “EURO ROAD TRIP” haha. Anyways, the flight was cool, now I’m back in the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, awesome place.

Booked into this new place, if you are fortunate enough to go to a city twice and the first place you stayed didn’t blow your mind, try somewhere new. This place is currently blowing my mind, FYI. Roll in and here is this solid vibe, great people and they gave me a free dinner?! I’m writing this then going to venture off to eat more before retiring for the evening.

Last night, I said farewell to my life in Bucharest. I hit up this restaurant where they treated me like a second class citizen. Worst service I’ve had in time memorable and they even over billed me. I ordered a meal that looked delicious in the photo and it came looking like soggy yet stale cat food. What a 180 from Caru Cu Bere where the hostesses remembered me and even made room for an 11 person table with no reservation…

Note: dude below is where I am now and he makes good food, not to be mixed with the clowns above. He puts his heart into his food and even called me sir. I tipped my hat to him, naturally.

Glad that happened, my time in Bucharest was TOO FLAWLESS and it never rained. If it never rains when you’re in a city, you don’t really know what life there is like. Besides the world class company, the best part was these Nivea girls who gave me all these free samples, for a guy who washes his hair with soap, it was cool to get some products to test out and toy with.

I digress.

I’m in Istanbul for two nights then off to the middle east, I’m incredibly excited about this trip yours truly will be going on and obviously keep you abreast via detailed and at times entertaining but if nothing else, timely updates. Photos above and below are from the patio here & where this is being written.

What else to say, I think that’s it. No wait, something that makes Istanbul so cool is that it’s where the Middle East, Europe & Asia connect, a real mix of everything that is great. Bucharest was kinda like Canada, I mean it’s different but it had malls, no real street food etc etc… Feels like I’m back where I belong, where I can buy shoes on the street as well as meal.

Before I forget, the airport was intense, largest customs line of my life, seemed like half of China came on vacation at the SAME TIME. Reminded me of how I love Asia. Also met an American lady from the Peace Corp in the airport who is friends with Ahmad and reads my blog, haha!? Small world…

Tips hat,

P.S: There is a 600 person Couch Surfing boat cruise this evening and it’s my friends birthday. Just looked it up, it’s already left probably for the best, next week should be interesting…

P.P.S: If your friend falls onto the 3rd rail, it’s over…

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4 thoughts on “Peace Out Bucharest, Flight to Istanbul!

  1. hah, i see what you did there 😉 Nice

    anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed Bucharest and I’m happy I was the one to first introduce you to Caru’ Cu Bere.

    have a great trip!

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